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We organize a variety of events to give back to local communities and lower income families. From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on.


Fundraiser for school supplies

Statistics states there are approximately 26% (277,897) children in South Carolina who live below the federal poverty guidelines. Many of these children parents struggle to provide them with a decent meal and are often left with no funds to purchase back-to-school items. The Tee-O Backpack Drivehas been designed to collect monetary donations and needed items to provide disadvantaged children grades K5-7 with their back-to-school needs. In 2017, the Tee-O Backpack Drivedistributed over 100 fully loaded backpacks to ensure these disadvantaged children had a success start to their school year.

Hunger is a monumental issue in South Carolina; however, it is a hidden issue where many people fail to acknowledge the grave disparities that exist as many people struggle with the issue of hunger. An average meal costs about $2.83 totaling $378,951,000 needed to meet food supplies. Many of these people lack the financial resources to provide their families with an average meal. The Tee-O Turkey Drive has been designed to collect monetary donation and/or turkey’s to provide vulnerable individuals/families with a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner.

The Tee-O Turkey Drive provided vulnerable individuals and families in need with turkey have to assist them in preparation of their Thanksgiving dinner. In 2017 the Tee-O Turkey Drive distributed over 50 turkeys to individuals and families in need. Although it does not end this monumental issue; it provides families with the peace of mind and fulfillment in knowing there are people who can about their well-being.


Community turkey handout


Feeding those in need

The Summer Time Pancake Breakfast will provide neighborhood children with an opportunity to have a hot breakfast once a week. His drive to provide neighborhood children with a pancake breakfast once a week derives from the humility his mother displayed during his childhood. Tee often reminisces back to his childhood when his mother would provide the neighborhood children with bag lunches to ensure one of their basic needs was met, food. Approximately 16 million children live in a household that lack the ability to provide nutritious meals on a daily basis; therefore, 1 in 5 children are affected by hunger.

Domestic violence is an epidemic which affects many individual regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, religion, or nationality. One in three women has experienced some form of physical violence by on an intimate partner, resulting in physical injury, psychological trauma, and in severe cases death. South Carolina has ranks 5 in deaths related to domestic violence. It is a cycle that causes physical, emotional, and psychological consequences for generations. Once these battered women decided to leave their abuser, they are left with putting the pieces of their lives back together. Many were dependent on their abuser and left their abusive relationship with nothing but the clothes on their back. The Business Council for Battered Women will provide victims of domestic violence with clothing to help them rebuild their self-esteem as they re-enter the workforce to rebuild their financial security.


Business council for battered women

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Ian Rodriguez

“Having known Joanne Owens since I was 12, I saw first-hand how caring, sincere, giving, and just all around a great person she was.  I’m proud to be part of an organization that tries to follow in her footsteps.”